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Day 1: - We shall set off from Kampala/ Jinja at 05: hrs for the western stretch of about 370 kms , breakfast and lunch enroute arriving late afternoon in Fortportal town supper and overnight. 
Day 2: -Early Morning after breakfast, we shall explore the myths of history of Nyakasura area (Amabere ga Nyanmwiru) historical site, located about 10kms off Fortportal town, a legendary site of the Banyoro/Batooro kingdom. The myth behind these caves is that they were names after Nyinamwiru a daughter of Bukuku one of the ancient rulers of the Tembuzi Dynasty, who refused to marry a man that her father had chosen for her and as a result, she was punished by cutting off her breasts which started drpping in form whitish substance assumed to be milk, its quite interesting to listen to such myths by the local guides. Geographers have a different version of this and they call them Stalactites & Stalagmites. Next to these creatures that keep dripping from January to dec, year to year is the stanning waterfalls whose sounds carry through, creating a cool atmosphere of green moss & fern covered by trees and rocks. As if that is not enough, you will see some crater lakes Lake Kigele (its in form of a human feet), its believed to be the last point where the last Mchwezi steped which later formed into a lake, around that particular lake, there is an opportunity of a nature walk along the surround hill and the scenary is amazing with ofcource the Mountains of the Moon that loom in the background. After Lunch, we shall have a chance to visit the Tooro Kingdom palace, the Royal Toms and then depart for Kasese for overnight. 
Day 3:  -An early rise for a cup of coffee /tea and head off for a Morning Game drive through the Savannah vegetation of Queen Elizabeth NP which brings you the best hours of a game drive when all the animals are busy looking for what to eat in the morning before the sun gets very hot. We expect to see lions, elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, bushbucks, antelopes, crocodiles, warthogs which are seen every blick of an eye. There is a variety of birds over 650 bird species both immigrant and migratory birds giving chances of bird watching while on a safari. In the afternoon after lunch, we take a BOAT CRUISE on the Kazinga channel a stream that adjoin lakes Edward & George, the cruise will take 2-3 hrs and expect to see crocodiles, hippos, elephants that will be seen in abundancy along your cruise or at the channel banks.  The cruise is also rewarding with bird watching since there is a variety of birds along the waters. Among the bird species include king fisher, pelicans, African fish eagle, herons, egrets ect. After we shall retire for supper and overnight. 
Day 4:  -We shall have early breakfast and then depart from the park with memories of the jaunglr via Mbarara town, lunch and then a brief stop at the Equator or the royal drum makers reaching Kampala/ j inja in the evening. 

Park entrance feesInclusive of:  

1. Ground transportation and fuel 

2. Game drives

3. Boat cruise 

4. Visit the Tooro Kingdom 

5. Visit the Amabere ga Nyinamwiru  

Exclusive of: 

1. Tips 

2. Meals 

3. Laundary services 

4. Insurance covers. 

5. Any personal effects.